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VJ Day & The Legend of Teapot Hall

Legend has it that on VJ Day in 1945, airmen returning home to RAF Coningsby from celebrations in Horncastle decided to set fire to one of Lincolnshire’s most unusual buildings, known as Teapot Hall. The hall stood in Dalderby by the junction with the lane to Scrivelsby, and with its steep thatched roof, would have … More

Home Front Horncastle

Here we look back on aspects of life in the town during the war years. From air precautions and the blackout to the Home Guard and the threat of invasion. Plus rationing, make do an mend, evacuees and wartime entertainments.

Postwar recovery?

VE Day may have been the end of the war in Europe, but the recovery took many years. Documents from the Society’s Town Archives show how the euphoria of VE Day was followed by an initial period of hopeful anticipation with the opportunity of moving things forward to a better future. Then followed by the … More


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If you have a photo, object, story or memory from wartime Horncastle you’d like to share, please get in touch to help us improve the exhibition. We can also take in small items in our Town Archive to ensure they are preserved for future generations.