Horncastle soldiers around the world

Photograph of “B” Company, 4th Battalion Royal Lincolnshire Regiment resting after filling sand bags for Scunthorpe Hospital.

It simply would not be possible to tell all the stories of Horncastle’s soldiers during the Second World War. So many have already been lost as they were never written down or spoken about. Others survive only as memories preserved by family members or friends.

We have been fortunate to be given access to several wartime memoirs, and it is from these first-hand accounts that we have tried to give an impression of what the young men of Horncastle experienced on battlefields around the globe.

The following poem was written by an anonymous private in 6th Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment on the side of a trench in Tunisia after the Battle of Sedjenane.


In all the far flung battle fields,

they’ve fought with might and main,

that the right to live in freedom,

for ever shall remain.

On sands of burning deserts,

and in icy arctic wastes,

they’ve shown the world the courage

that the sons of Britain rates.

I cannot say too much of these,

the bravest of the brave,

who for a country’s freedom,

they have fought to save.

Deservant of a world’s respect,

and many long loud cheers,

and so I give a victory toast,

to the famous Lincolnshires.

From the frontispiece of Anthony Bell’s memoir “On Looking Back”

This section is still a work in progress

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